The Toolbox is described in
D. Sturzenegger, D. Gyalistras, V. Semeraro, M. Morari, and R. Smith, BRCM Matlab Toolbox: Model Generation for Model Predictive Building Control. American Control Conference 2014 (accepted).

The general modeling concept and the algorithms the Toolbox is based on are described in
D. Sturzenegger, D. Gyalistras, M. Morari, and R. Smith, Semiautomated modular modeling of buildings for model predictive control. BuildSys'12 Proc. of the Fourth ACM Workshop on Embedded Sensing Systems for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings, pp. 99–106, 2012.

The base building block of the modeling approach is the one-zone model developed in
Lehmann, Gyalistras, Gwerder, Wirth, Carl. Intermediate complexity model for model predictive control of integrated room automation. Energy and Buildings, vol. 58, pp. 250–262, 2013.

Within the OptiControl-II project, these algorithms have been used to a create model that was experimentally validated and successfully used over multiple month in the MPC on a real fully operated office building.

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